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Site Planning


Site Planning is the first step in the realization of a concept. It is the true beginning of your project. A site plan illustrates all of the elements that will be constructed on your property. These elements include siting the building, locating access drives and parking areas, grading for proper drainage, and utility extensions such as water, wastewater, electric power and telephone.

We at Cross Consulting Engineers utilize site planning as a technique for coordinating all of the site improvements. We evaluate the possibility of conflicts and make necessary design changes to insure the layout functions properly.

Proper site planning is the foundation of all development projects. Site plans are particularly useful for explaining projects to contractors, Planning Commissions, Zoning Boards and other governmental authorities.

A well designed, attractive site plan speeds permit reviews and is a useful marketing tool for your project. A site plan is essential for proper construction of a project and to insure a functional and aesthetically pleasing site.

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