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Water and Wastewater Design

Water and wastewater design includes all aspects of collection, distribution, treatment and ultimate disposal of the water we use on a daily basis. The proper management of this natural resource is fundamental to our survival. For this reason, our use of water is strictly regulated to insure the public health and welfare. The Federal Clean Water Act, as well as State and Local Health Regulations, embody the rules and regulations we follow in our design of the many water and wastewater systems our clients require.


 Systems range from small scale residential water and wastewater systems, such as drilled wells and septic systems, to large scale municipal transmission, collection and treatment systems. Larger systems include: Municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants; water and sewer pipelines; agricultural and sludge disposal facilities; and land application of wastes.

Because of public health concerns, water and wastewater projects require a high degree of competence to design and guide projects through the regulatory and construction process. We at Cross Consulting Engineers strongly feel this is where our firm excels.

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