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Land development often includes the subdivision of large parcels of property into functional lots. Surveying is the measurement of the physical characteristics of a parcel of land.


This information is used to determine boundaries, drainage patterns and to provide the foundation for a site plan. Typical elements of this field of civil engineering include:

  • Boundary and ALTA Surveys
  • Subdivision Maps
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Deed Research
  • Route Surveys
  • Expert Testimony for Boundary Disputes
  • Construction Layout
  • FEMA Flood Plain Surveys

To procure this information, we use in-house, state-of-the-art electronic surveying equipment, including standard and robotic electronic total stations and data collectors, and survey grade GPS units. After our technicians have obtained all of the field data, it is assimilated into detailed plans by our in-house drafting professionals. Our staff makes full use of computer software/hardware and electronic transfer of information to input and manipulate this data.

Our surveying services are not limited to large subdivisions and developments. We survey single parcel commercial, residential and industrial properties, and we routinely perform complicated ATLA/NSPS surveys.

Surveying is the foundation for all site development. It is this very reason that we gather this information ourselves. Our surveys provide the level of precision we need for final design of a given project and give us greater control over the project schedule.

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