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The movement of people and products in a safe and efficient manner is essential to our economic well-being. The study of transportation systems, and the design of streets and highways are one of the principle means by which this occurs. Each and every project that is developed needs a well designed, safe, and aesthetically pleasing access. Our clients include: state and local governments, private developers, and commercial and industrial businesses.


Our transportation engineering services include:

  • Traffic Signal Design and Coordination
  • Road Rehabilitation
  • Street and Highway Design
  • Turn Lane Design
  • Drainage and Hydrology
  • Curbs and Sidewalks
  • Bridge and Culvert Design
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Requirements

Coordination with Local and State governmental authorities is essential. The design of major streets, turning lanes, curb cuts, signalization and pedestrian access must meet all applicable standards to receive prompt approvals from these authorities.

Recreation paths are another element of street and highway design. Safe and functional paths for bicyclists and pedestrians are an alternate form of transportation that also provides recreational benefits.

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