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City Parking Garage and State Office Building

St. Albans, VT

The City of St. Albans is planning a major redevelopment of its primary at grade parking lot in the central downtown core. This project includes a four-story, 45,000 square foot office building on the Federal Street block between Lake Street and Kingman Street, connected to the proposed parking garage via a pedestrian bridge. The office building will be leased by the State of Vermont and owned by a private developer. A hotel on Lake Street is also being planned. The parking garage will contain about 360 parking spaces on five levels which will provide parking for State employees, the public and hotel guests and employees. Construction of the parking garage and demolition of several buildings began in September 2013. The State Office Building is scheduled to commence construction in December 2013.

Architect for State Office Building: ReArch Company

Architect for the Parking Garage: Desman Associates

Dereck Woolridge