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Bakersfield/Fairfield Town Line Survey

Office of the Secretary of State
State of Vermont

Town of Bakersfield, Town of Fairfield

Cross Consulting Engineers was retained by the State of Vermont Office of Secretary of State to perform a boundary survey of the town line between the towns of Bakersfield and Fairfield.  This line exceeded five miles in length and required extensive research to determine its location.  Both towns were unsure of the location of a perpendicular jog in the boundary, which could affect taxes, attendance at school systems and other important town matters.  Cross Consulting Engineers performed the necessary deed research, compiled a photo map of lands adjacent to the town line and performed the field survey.  Ancient fence lines were discovered and the Town boundary was determined, including the location of the jog that was described in the charters for each town.

Upon completion of the research and survey work, monumentation was set along the town line and survey plats were prepared.  Upon completion of the plats, all property owners abutting the town line, as well as the Selectboards of each town, were notified and a public hearing was held.  Both towns accepted the survey and the Vermont Legislature formally adopted the survey as the official town line in the following legislative session.

Burke Mountain, East Burke, VT

Stantec Engineering Company

Burke Mountain, Burke, VT

Cross Consulting Engineers was retained to survey and map 40 parcels containing over 1500 acres for the Burke Mountain Ski Area in East Burke, VT.  Requirements of this project included research and measurements of over 60 parcels totaling more than 3000 acres.  This work involved surveys of Town and County lines, Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation property and numerous individual parcels ranging from less than one acre to more than 400 acres.  Over 850 deeds were compiled, scanned and indexed.  The end result was 28 survey plats all tied to the Vermont State Plane Coordinate System. 

In addition to the boundary survey work described above, we also located more than 7000 wetland flags placed by the wetland scientists.  The flags were located using our survey grade GPS system and downloaded into Autocad Land Development Desktop software for use by the project planners.

Cross Consulting Engineers was also retained to provide topographic information for more than 10,000 acres of land surrounding the ski area.  More than 50 ground control points were established using GPS and aerial photos were taken to provide photogrammetry of the area.  LIDAR was also used to develop existing conditions base plans of the area.