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Georgia Regional Industrial Park
Georgia Water Plant 1.JPG

Georgia Industrial Development Corporation
Tim Smith, Director (802) 524-2194

Water Treatment Plant Upgrade, Georgia, VT

The Georgia Industrial Development Corporation owns and operates a water treatment plant in Georgia, VT that was originally constructed in the 1980s. This water plant required a major upgrade to provide quality potable water to the industries it serves. Cross Consulting Engineers, with assistance from Otter Creek Engineering, designed a major upgrade to the facility that was completed in 2016. The upgrade included three new Westec filters, new control pumping equipment, and a new raw water storage lagoon. The water treatment plant can produce up to 525 gallons per minute and serves three industries within the industrial park.

Tractor Supply Company

Primax Properties, LLC
Frank Alexander  (704) 954-7223

Swanton, VT
Derby, VT

Montpelier, VT
Shelburne, VT

Middlebury, VT

Primax Properties is a retail/commercial developer located in North Carolina. They retained the services of Cross Consulting Engineers to assist them with the development of Tractor Supply Stores after completing their first store in Rutland, VT. CCE has performed all the civil engineering site design and permit related services in connection with five Tractor Supply stores in Swanton, Derby, Montpelier, Shelburne, and Middlebury, Vermont. These projects involve a high level of permitting, including Act 250 permits in some locations, Stormwater Discharge permits at all sites and either municipal or onsite water and wastewater systems. The Swanton, VT store had no municipal services and included the design of a fire protection storage tank pumping system. Our services included the design of parking areas, access drives, utilities, landscaping and yard lighting.

In addition to the civil engineering services, CCE has also performed land surveying services including ALTA surveys and as-built surveys of all facilities